Pulpit and Pen – Pulpit & Pen is a Christian blog that seeks to restore its reputation as the “Rolex of Watchblogs” and preserve for posterity its extensive catalogue of the theological downgrade within the Southern Baptist Convention and greater American Evangelicalism.

Christian Commute – A Commute-length podcast about Christian apologetics, news, and other matters of christian interest.

Protestia – Protestia is a polemical news site that is dedicated to providing Christian news and discernment in an age of widespread censorship. We document the downgrade of the church while being a resource for those wanting to know more about the figures and folks abusing the bride of Christ and taking us further and further away from sound biblical orthodoxy.

Reformed Hosting – Our purpose is to aid the Biblical ministries of the world in their proclamation of the gospel. We know how important it is to contend against the heresies of the day. That’s why we want to provide you with web hosting that will never shut you down because of your stand for the truths that are found in the infallible Word of God.